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  • Harvester leguminous rice ZhRzB 5 (with the central window)
Harvester leguminous rice ZhRzB 5 (with the central window)
  • Harvester leguminous rice ZhRzB 5 (with the central window)

Harvester leguminous rice ZhRzB 5 (with the central window)

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ZhRzB — 5 — a harvester roll rice is intended for bevelling of rice with laying in rice rolls, and also grain crops, fodder herbs and their testicles. The car can be used for prokos and obkos of fields.

The harvester works at bevelling of rice of any productivity, poleglost degree as both a zagonny, and shuttle method in checks any humidity of the soil, without throwing at the same time the formed roll soil lumps. Perhaps application of a harvester in areas where cleaning of grain grains and other cultures the existing technical means is complicated under the terms of high humidity of grain weight and passability of the unit.

The harvester is equipped with the bespaltsevy knifing device with one mobile.

The harvester consists of zhatvenny part and the equipment for its hanging on caterpillar power means of GEM-100 or the Yenisei-1200R combine. The Zhatvenny part of the unit consists of the framework representing the welded design including a platform, a wind board and sidewalls, the counter and line conveyor with the central window for laying of a roll, the cutting device mounted on the platform of a framework, the reel established on a traverse with supports fixed sharnirno to the top part of a wind board of a framework, the reel drive mechanism sharnirno fixed on the right sidewall of a framework, elements of a hydraulic system and the drive of working bodies of a harvester.

Technical characteristics
Name Value Measurement unit.
Capture width 5 m
Working speed to 8 km/h
Transport speed 13 km/h
Productivity 3 hectare/h
Cut height 70 … 200 mm
Platform width 1125 mm
Width of a vybrosny window 1261 mm
Quantity of the double courses of a knife 520 / mines
Frequency of rotation of a reel 19,5 … 60 ob.min.
Weight 1400 kg
Drive type Krivoshipno-shatunny Drive (KSD)

Reel — six-blade, dvukhekstsetrikovy, anticoil-processing with metal rollers which provide durability of operation of the mechanism of an inclination of blades.
The reel drive — chain, with use of the safety coupling that provides durability of work of knot on rice and bean harvesters, and also excludes slipping in damp working conditions.
The mechanism of carrying out of a reel — hydraulic, consisting of a hydraulic cylinder and a support. The reel support arrangement on integral support of a beam of a reel excludes a fastening break, or sliding of all reel in an extreme top point.
The knife drive — KShP with one rod ensuring trouble-free operation of the cutting device in the damp environment of checks.
Platform — the metal design executed from a high-quality profile which width allows to place six tapes of the conveyor in one direction that excludes losses by an ear behind a harvester when cleaning tall cultures.
Conveyor tape — four-layer, developed especially for work in the damp environment, excluding stretching and equipped with navarny rubber levels.
Wind board — metal, executed from a high-quality profile that allows to increase rigidity of a design of a harvester.
The hydraulic system — sleeves of a high pressure which use allows to increase reliability and service life of hydraulics and also to simplify service of highways.

Works in the unit:
with caterpillar power means of GEM-100 — ZhVR-5 harvester, and also with Yenisei-1200R combines — ZhVK-5 harvester


Information is up-to-date: 15.12.2017

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