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Combine harvesters

Приспособление для уборки подсолнечника ПС(А) БЖ до 10 м
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When cleaning sunflower it is necessary to consider specifics of this culture and to minimize losses. For this purpose the plant AGRIKOMASH producer offers the DEVICE FOR CLEANING of SUNFLOWER (PS) which agregatiruyestya with any grain harvesters of domestic and foreign production. Considering...
Group: Combines for farming
18000 UAH
Prefix, the device for cleaning of CCD soy on combines Tukano, Leksion
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Equipment for soy cleaning Harvest works - one of the major and most difficult factors in cultivation of culture. To get high profit since a harvest it it is necessary to collect correctly where the agricultural machinery plays not the last role. Today the great popularity was acquired by soy....
Group: Combines for farming
160000 UAH
Harvester for cleaning of sunflower of ZhNS of 6 meters to Don, Akros.
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High ability of penetration into ranks of sunflower is at any angle caused by a prismatic uniform of elevator operators. They have width of 170 mm and interaxal distance of 225 mm. Such characteristics allow to carry out bevelling regardless of width of row-spacings and to keep plants in steady,...
Group: Grain-harvesting combines
210000 UAH


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